1. Underfill Adhesives

Underfill is a thermoset epoxy adhesives between semiconductor package (CSP, BGA, WLP) and PCB.

It is located between the package and FR-4 board in order to reduce physical and chemical impact.

2. Low Temperature Cure Adhesives

Fast cure over 60 ° °C ~ 80 ° ° C which can be applied to various adhered materials such as plastic materials, glass and metals.

Used for applications such as Camera module, Fingerprint module, Speaker module, Glob-top encapsulants, LED BLU

3. UV Cure Adhesives

Fast curing within a short time, and the process is simple, which maximizes customers' productivity

Viscosity, rigidity, glass transition temperature, hardness, flexibility and toughness can be adjusted stably depending on the applied materials.

Applications: Camera module, Speaker module, Dust capturing adhesive, Glob-top encapsulant

4. Dual Cure Adhesives

Mainly used for the purpose of preventing lens distortion.

In case of thermal curing, when the camera lens is moved in the production line, a defocus phenomenon occured due to vibration.This causes defects

To solve this problem, the primary UV-Cured bonding process (instant temporary bonding) aligns the lens position.

After that, the lens is completely cured by the secondary heat-cured bonding process

5. Dispensing Machines

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