Dual Cure Adhesives

It is mainly used for the purpose of preventing of the lens distortion. In case of thermal curing, when the camera lens is moved in the production line, a defocus phenomenon occurred due to vibration. This phenomenon causes defects.

To solve this problem, the primary UV-cured bonding process (instant temporary bonding) aligned the lens position. After the primary cure process, the lens is completely cured by the secondary heat-cured bonding process

dual cure adhesives

Product Features


No Resin Bleed

Viscosity Adjustable

Thixotropic index adjustable

Model Appearance Viscosity (cps) Ti Tg (°C) by DSC CTE (ppm/°C) Curing Conditions

α1* (Below Tg) α2* (Above Tg)
3T-6023 Milky Haze 28,000 4.5 110 65 215 >2,000mJ+80°C @60min
3T-6701 Piano Black 11,000 4.5 110 65 215 >2,000mJ+80°C @60min
3T-6701M Matt Black 11,000 4.5 110 65 215 >2,000mJ+80°C @60min

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